Top 3 Flossing Tips

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For some people flossing seems to be complicated. But when flossing is actually performed, it’s all easy and you feel like you were wrong about it. For people who have had difficulty flossing in the past, it can be an intimidating experience. Here are a few tips which can help you floss right and make your experience much more effective.

Don’t Snap

When too much force is applied to get the floss slide between the teeth, it can snap into the gums to damage the gum tissues. Flossing the right way does not damage the gums and helps to keep your mouth clean.

It is recommended that you never force the floss, instead carefully and gently get the right angle to slide it between your teeth. Curve the floss slowly around the base of each and every tooth, making sure you go below the gum line.

Take your time

Don’t try to rush through the process, instead floss steadily and consistently to clean your mouth. When you hurry it may turn out worse by hurting the gums. Repeatedly hurting the gums may even cause gum recession. Most of the time, fast flossing can result in missing the plaque in between the teeth. Thus taking your time can make your flossing comfortable and also improve your effectiveness.

Don’t forget the gums

Floss can reach areas that your toothbrush can’t! This includes sides of the teeth and below the gum line. Our previous flossing tips warned against flossing hard, but it doesn’t mean you forget the gums. Cleaning and removing the plaque below the gum line is vital, so the plaque doesn’t harden into tartar to cause inflammation and gum disease.


If you have not been a regular flosser, your gums may bleed a little for a few days. But flossing healthy gums in the right way should not hurt the gums.

Hope these tips are helpful to floss the right way. If you still can’t get it right ask our dentist in Chandler AZ to understand how you can correctly perform flossing that works for you.

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