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“I give people the smile they’ve always wanted”, says Dr. Heaton, “a smile that will make them happy for the rest of their life”. Dr Heaton is experienced in a wide array of cosmetic procedures that can transform a patient’s smile in as little as two visits. He knows how to get a result that is not only beautiful but natural looking as well.

Dr. Heaton is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist. He has completed extensive cosmetic training, including specialized courses in orthodontics and dental implants so that he has the tools to give patients their ideal smile.

Detailed Planning and Preparation

To give patients the smiles of their dreams, Dr. Heaton has a wide variety of procedures at this disposal, including veneers, dental bonding, crowns, implants, teeth whitening, laser gum recontouring, braces and Invisalign.

Prior to treatment, he conducts a thorough oral exam and discusses with the patient their goals for their smile. He creates a digital preview, showing the patient what their new smile will look like.

Dr. Heaton customizes the treatment plan to each patient and recommends the most conservative method possible to give the patient the results they are looking for. If needed, he can also create a model of the patient’s teeth and show them in wax what each tooth will look like. Patients can see the exact shape, size and color and make changes before any work is done.

A Long Lasting New Smile

Whether a patient wants a natural look or a bright Hollywood smile, Dr. Heaton can provide it. He is very detail-oriented, ensuring that the new smile looks aesthetic and fits the patient’s face and personality. He makes sure that any crowns and veneers have an air-tight fit so they will last for many years. He uses high-quality materials and labs to create teeth that are beautiful and long-lasting.

Dr. Heaton offers a complimentary cosmetic consultation that includes an in-office digital smile simulation. He also offers a free online virtual smile consultation.

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