Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Chandler, AZ

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Restore Your Smile & Improve Your Quality of Life with a Full Mouth Reconstruction
People with many badly decayed, worn, broken-down or missing teeth can feel hopeless about being able to regain their smile and chewing function. Dr. Heaton has the education and experience necessary to completely repair a patient’s teeth and ensure that full oral function is returned. Patients can once again smile with confidence!

Detailed Study & Diagnostics

Prior to starting any treatment, Dr. Heaton does a thorough examination of the patient’s oral condition. He takes any necessary X-rays and 3D scans, pictures of the patient’s teeth and face and impressions of their teeth so that models can be made. He uses a digital smile simulator to show the patient what their new smile will look like once treatment is completed.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures

A full mouth reconstruction can consist of one or more procedures. Damaged teeth can be restored with crowns or repaired with root canals, and missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Crooked teeth or bite alignment problems can be corrected with orthodontics, such as Invisalign. Whatever procedure a patient needs, Dr. Heaton can provide it in his office.

Friendly, Comfortable Care

Dr. Heaton and his staff are known for their friendly and caring treatment. They ensure patients are comfortable at all times. “Dr. Heaton makes sure you are comfortable,” says Brad, a patient. “If he’s doing a procedure, he makes sure you’re doing all right as he goes”. Patients are given pillows and blankets, and televisions and headphones are available in every room so patients can listen to music or watch shows or movies. For nervous patients or for long procedures, sedation is available.

Rejuvenating Smiles

Full mouth reconstruction has a rejuvenating effect that can take years off of a person’s appearance and returns comfortable and healthy oral function.

Before & After


Worn-away teeth not only make a person look older but also make it more difficult or painful to chew. Worn or missing teeth can cause the chin to move toward the nose, the lips to become thinner and the cheeks to sink in.

Dr. Heaton can replace a patient’s teeth with dental implants when needed, or, if the patient’s teeth can be saved, he will return them to full health and function. “Replacing missing teeth prevents that collapsed look of the face and smooths out a lot of wrinkles, making the patient look younger,” says Dr. Heaton.

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