Emergency Dentist in Chandler, AZ

Same-Day Emergency Dentist in Chandler AZ

Dental pain is distressing and often debilitating. Dental emergencies can arise quite unexpectedly, and require urgent attention. Since the underlying issues progress and worsen over time, you don’t have time to wait around for an appointment. Here at Smiles of Chandler, we prioritize your prompt relief from dental pain. We want to help you get back to normal life as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer same-day emergency dental treatment and flexible scheduling.

Emergency Situations

We know that emergencies happen sometimes, and you may need to see the dentist right away. Perhaps your child was in the face with a soccer ball, and a tooth fell out. Or maybe you chipped a tooth tripping over the dog. You might even have bitten into a granola bar and cracked a molar. Oftentimes, a toothache occurs when food becomes wedged in between molars cannot be removed with brushing or dental floss. Whatever the situation, if you have a damaged tooth or any other type of mouth pain, you don’t want to wait days to see a dentist, and we are pleased to be able to accommodate you.

Same Day Appointments

You don’t need to be suffering from a dental emergency to make a same-day appointment at our Chandler practice. We offer flexible scheduling and same-day appointments for your convenience, regardless of the reason. Perhaps your crown or filling fell out, or a dental bonding cracked. You don’t want to wait for an appointment in a situation like this, and we don’t want you to have to wait, either. Our staff can get you into the office to have your appliance at least temporarily fixed.

At Smiles of Chandler, we make time for our patients. Many dental offices consider a toothache a mere inconvenience, so they may have you wait days, or even weeks to see the doctor if their schedule is full. If you are suffering from a toothache, call Smiles of Chandler, and we will get you a same day dental appointment.

We Make It Easier on Families

We know that most people have hectic schedules. Many people travel for work, and may only be home five or six days each month. Others have to be ready to travel at a moment’s notice and are not able to schedule an office visit weeks or months in advance. Parents know that between work and their children’s activities, there is rarely enough time to schedule dental appointments. Our same day scheduling allows patients to fit an appointment in when a spot opens up on their calendar, resulting in less stress for everyone. And of course, we all know that kids tend to forget things (even when they are important), so when your son remembers Thursday night that he needs a mouth guard for his football game Friday, we can take care of that as well.

Don’t Endure Dental Pain Any Longer

Whether it’s an emergency, an inconvenience, or a matter of convenience, call our Chandler, AZ dental office at (480) 899-9484 immediately when you are ready for an appointment with dr. heaton, and we will get you in the same day.

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