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Dr. Heaton can give patients who need full-mouth teeth replacement a new smile in one day using dental implants. It’s the modern alternative to dentures. With this stable and lasting teeth replacement option, bone is preserved, and patients can eat what they want.

Thanks to the New Teeth in One Day procedure, Dr. Heaton can provide denture wearers or patients who have broken-down or missing teeth with a full mouth of lifelike new teeth often in just one day. The new teeth will be stable and aesthetic and feel, look and act very much like natural teeth.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Before treatment, Dr. Heaton takes 3D X-rays, impressions and measurements, then carefully plans the procedure using 3D software. This ensures that the implants are placed in the correct location and at the right angle and depth in order to stably support the new teeth. On the day of treatment, Dr. Heaton does any needed extractions, places the implants and the new teeth, all in one day!

No Bone Grafting

In the past, full-arch teeth replacement was limited to people with sufficient bone, or lengthy and costly bone augmentation was required. For patients with bone loss, Dr. Heaton can use long, angled implants. These special implants take advantage of a patient’s existing bone by utilizing areas of dense bone in the jaw. Usually, only four implants per arch are needed, although additional implants can be added for stability.

Comfort is Top Priority

The extensive planning and use of 3D technology eliminate unnecessary cutting or suturing. Surgery is efficient, taking only about two hours, and post-surgical discomfort is minimal. If needed or requested, sedation options are available, including IV sedation.

Skilled New Teeth in One Day

Dr. Heaton has completed advanced training and is very experienced in the New Teeth in One Day procedure. He has earned a fellowship with the California Implant Institute and is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He continues to advance his education and stays up-to-date with new developments in implant dentistry.

Beautiful, Strong New Teeth

Dr. Heaton uses high-quality implants and teeth made by top U.S. companies to ensure long-lasting results. The new teeth are strong and durable, returning full chewing power to the patient.

Patients get their new teeth on the same day as surgery. These high-grade custom teeth are immediately functional. Once the implants have fully healed, Dr. Heaton places the final, permanent teeth. For high strength and a fully natural look, Dr. Heaton uses zirconia and tooth-like porcelain.

Because Dr. Heaton is an accomplished cosmetic dentist, he ensures that both the provisional and final teeth are beautiful and fit comfortably in the mouth for eating, smiling and talking.

Learn About the Many Benefits of New Teeth in one day

Tired of Dentures

Up until recently, dentures have been the main treatment option to replace teeth, However, dentures have many drawbacks. They provide only about 10% of natural chewing power, which means a restricted diet for most people. Dentures slip and can affect a person’s ability to speak. Dentures constantly lose their fit, and as a result, they rub against the gums, causing sores and making chewing painful. Bone loss occurs when teeth are missing and dentures accelerate this bone loss process, causing eventual collapse of the facial structure.

New Teeth in One Day doesn’t have these drawbacks. The replacement teeth provide near-normal chewing power, allowing patients to eat foods they enjoy and that will keep them healthy. Because the teeth are fixed in place with dental implants, there is no need for a false upper palate and no slippage occurs. The supporting implants stimulate bone, rather than encourage bone loss.


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