Choosing The Right Teeth Straightening Option

Choosing The Right Teeth Straightening Option Braces in Chandler AZ | Smiles Of Chandler in Chandler, AZ

A smile speaks volumes about a person. Your pearly whites are what make the first impression on the people you meet. While perfect teeth are just a blessing away, certain people need to seek that blessing by undergoing treatment to get the right set of teeth.

While you’re out exploring your options to get the straight teeth, here are some of them you can consider before choosing the right one:


Metal Braces – either you have it, or you know someone who’s got it and is one of the most common teeth straightening options. While it is quite a painful process, the result could be worth all that pain. You are getting metal braces to include having metal brackets glued on to your teeth’ surface with a metal wire connecting all of the brackets till the end of your jaw.

Once you begin your treatment with metal braces, it is quite a long process, where your treatment could lead up to 3 years, depending on your preexisting alignment. Moreover, your trips to the dentist for tightening your braces is usually once every month, making it a regular timeline for your teeth to adjust to the change.


  • Easy for children to use.
  • Cheaper mode of treatment.
  • It can be used to treat teeth alignment problems.
  • It comes with colorful elastics to hold the brackets in place.


  • It can stop you from consuming hard foods.
  • Pay special attention to the type of food you eat since there is a high probability of it being stuck in your brackets.
  • Brushing after every meal is a must, and it can be quite a task if the wearer has a hard time cleaning twice a day.


In case you’re still contemplating if you need braces, one of the most sought-out dental treatment methods is getting an Invisalign. This is wonderful in case you don’t want to get yourself metal braces. The process includes using invisible plastic trays to align the patient’s teeth eventually. After the patient gets their x-rays done, the aligner is placed and changed until the desired alignment is received.


  • The aligners are removable thereby making it easy for the wearer to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Using aligners for teeth straightening is a good option, as many people would not see the aligners.
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Not advised for severe alignment issues.
  • The patient is required to wear it 22 hours a day, approximately.
  • The aligners might end up being misplaced.

Dental Veneer

These are custom-made shells of teeth, more commonly made with porcelain, to give you the perfect set of teeth you’ve always wanted. Porcelain Dental Veneers are mainly bonded onto the surface of your teeth depending on your teeth’s shape and size.


  • It gives a realistic appearance.
  • It can be done in two sessions.
  • Stain-resistant quality.
  • It can be easily shaped.
  • Long-lasting solution and can be worn up to 15 years.


  • Prone to sensitivity.
  • Since it is a permanent solution, there is no going back.
  • It is extremely fragile and replacing them can be quite expensive.


There is no one path module to improve your teeth’s health and aesthetics. Make sure you talk to your dentist at (480) 899-9484 about every process and which one will suit your oral structure and lifestyle.

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