Interesting Facts About Orthodontics And Teeth

Interesting Facts About Orthodontics And Teeth | Smiles Of Chandler in Chandler, AZ

It is said that a smile is the first someone notices in you while meeting. Apart from brightening up someone’s day when we smile, teeth help us chew our food, speak fluently etc. Teeth are perhaps the most underrated organ of the human body and therefore taking good care of your teeth is not only necessary but extremely important. So how do you take good care of your teeth and who helps you do that?

The answer is simple, a dental professional who has a passion for oral health and provides dental services. Many people confuse orthodontists, dentists and the overall scope in the area of dentistry. Orthodontists are trained, specialized individuals who help you fix misaligned teeth. Today we share 7 Interesting and Unknown Orthodontics Facts.

Orthodontists and Dentists are not the same

Though the terms dentist and orthodontist are used interchangeably, they are not the same. Orthodontists are specialists in diagnosing misaligned teeth or jaws, overbites, overcrowded mouths or occlusions. They are experts in repairing such conditions.

Dentists focus on the mouth, jaw, gums, teeth and nerves. As opposed to orthodontists whose priority is straightening of teeth, dentists focus more on the overall oral hygiene.

Your tooth enamel is strong yet brittle

We have all learned in high school that enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but did you know it is also the most brittle? Yes! Remember the time when you chipped your tooth on the playground? The teeth are brittle, that is why it gets chipped easily.

Interesting orthodontist fact: The tooth enamel makes up teeth in humans and many animals, including some fishes!

Children’s jaws stop growing after teens

Orthodontists often face challenges when dealing with teens. Several teenagers want to straighten their teeth at age seventeen or eighteen. This is because jaws stop growing after this age. The growth stoppage is the perfect time for a child to straighten his/her teeth as it is more effective.

The wisdom tooth may go away completely in a few centuries

Did you know that we are constantly developing as humans? Scientists believe that in the next few generations i.e. in another 2 centuries humans will no longer have wisdom teeth. They base it on the hypothesis that we don’t eat the root or shoot of plants and have much smaller portions of food, so we don’t need bigger jaws. Well, the agony of wisdom will be finally gone, fascinating isn’t it?

The interesting facts presented here are for everyone who wants to get to know the profession of orthodontics a little better. For many people, teeth are nothing more “than that organ you brush in the morning!” But for orthodontist oral health and hygiene, taking care of the misaligned teeth and fixing that beautiful smile is part of life. Orthodontics offer solutions to fix complex dental cases that are attained with other straightening options.

It is a highly specialized area of expertise which needs the right target audience and that is why Smiles of Chandler provides qualified orthodontist service.

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