Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Young woman getting teeth Whitening treatment in Chandler, AZ | Smiles of Chandler

Many of us would like to have whiter teeth but at the same time we are nervous about the effects that whitening could have on our teeth. So, is teeth whitening or bleaching safe? The answer is YES, the teeth whitening procedure is considered safe as long as it is performed as recommended by your dentist.

Over time, teeth may be discolored or stained for a variety of reasons. If you want to make them bright and attractive, you can do so safely with a visit to a dentist or you could try at-home whitening products. The teeth whitening techniques are safe and effective as it has been well documented over the years. However, there are few minor side-effects which can be a concern after teeth whitening treatment.

Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation: Your teeth might become slightly sensitive following the teeth whitening procedure. This is usually experienced on your first or second treatment. You may also experience gum irritation, this is mainly because of the gums coming into contact with whitening products. This side effects should diminish overtime.

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