How Can A Dentist Improve Your Smile?

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Are you happy with your smile or thinking of changing something about your teeth? How frequently you must consult a dentist in Chandler? Visiting a dentist every six months can reduce the wear and tear of teeth. Teeth are normally exposed to wear and tear every single day.

Sometimes a smile can change due to medical conditions and age factors. Regardless of the issue, a dentist can advise you on the ways to change both the appearance and the function of your smile.

6 Treatments By Dentist in Chandler That Transform Your Smile

  1. Dental Implants:
    A dentist can replace an entire tooth. They use a titanium post and place it inside the jaw which acts as a root to support the crown. Only a dentist can tell if one needs dental implants in Chandler or not.
  2. Cosmetic Dentistry:
    Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field. It fixes various dental issues like a missing tooth, gaps in between the teeth etc. Thus cosmetic dentistry in Chandler changes the facial appearance of an individual. It helps patients chew, talk and smile well.
  3. Braces:
    Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws can make it difficult to clean your teeth and can have a number of negative effects. Aligners and braces in Chandler are used to move the teeth and jaw to the right positions. A dentist makes regular adjustments during the treatment span. Clear aligners are a perfect fit for adults who prefer to correct their smile without making changes to their life-style.
  4. Dental Veneers:
    Small gaps, cracks and slightly crooked teeth are treated with dental veneer procedures. These are a very thin restoration placed in the front of the teeth. They match the color of the natural teeth and can be considered an alternative to teeth whitening. Here, the veneers in Chandler are made of porcelain material and are custom-made.
  5. Teeth Whitening:
    The most preferred choice by millions to get a beautiful smile is teeth whitening. Even though it has no major health benefits, teeth whitening in Chandler has loads of other benefits such as boosting one’s self-esteem and confidence.
  6. Bleaching Gels:
    Bleaching gel is used to remove stains and discoloration from the surface of the teeth. This treatment is done in dental clinics and even at home with the help of a take-home kit prepared by the dentist.


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