How Can You Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment?

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People with misaligned teeth have often resorted to orthodontic treatment to get a straight and beautiful smile. It is usually a long process. So don’t expect it to get completed in a few sessions. There have been dental cases where a patient wanted to speed up their orthodontic treatment as they needed the perfect smile before their wedding or other significant events. Patients want to fasten braces treatment in Chandler even if they have missing teeth. If you’re about to discuss the same with your dentist in Chandler there’s good news for you.

There are reliable, safe, and effective ways in which your orthodontist in Chandler can fasten up your treatment. You can visit a reputed dentist in Chandler like Dr. James Heaton DDS, FADG at Smiles of Chandler and discuss the following options.

4 Safe & Effective Ways to Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment by Orthodontist in Chandler

  1. Custom Braces:
    If you aren’t convinced with the slow results you’re getting with metal braces in Chandler, you may want to ask your orthodontist about custom braces. Your teeth structure is scanned for this treatment, which is then used to create customized braces based on your specific requirements. The option is similar to Invisalign, and gives faster results.
  2. Low-Level Laser:
    This method involves using a very low-intensity medical laser to speed up the orthodontic treatment. A low-level laser is used to recruit cells responsible for moving your teeth and create a faster turnover of bone. It is a considerably pain-free option, where the tooth movement is accelerated in a safe and healthy way. You may have to visit a dental clinic every month or at a frequency recommended by your dentist for this treatment.
  3. High-Frequency Vibrations:
    It is similar to the low-level laser option discussed above, as it also helps recruit cells responsible for teeth movement. Patients opting for this method are given a device to use for five minutes every day until the dentist in Chandler asks them to stop. Dentists mostly suggest this option for Invisalign patients.
  4. Micro Trauma:
    Another method to speed up your orthodontics treatment is micro trauma. In this method, the dentist creates tiny holes in your gum area that are stubborn so that necessary cells can be created to assist in teeth movement. Anesthesia is given during this treatment, so patients need not worry about pain.


If you’re looking for a reliable orthodontist in Chandler who can help you with speeding up your orthodontic treatment, book an appointment with Dr. James Heaton DDS, FADG at Smiles of Chandler. He has helped various patients by speeding up their orthodontic treatments and given impressive results. Visit our website for an appointment. Have a conversation right away by calling at (480) 899-9484 and schedule an appointment today.

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