Are You Eligible To Get Braces Despite Having Missing Teeth?

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Braces can help you deal with misaligned teeth and malocclusions. But can you fasten braces even if you suffer from missing teeth? Well, this is a question that pops into everyone’s mind. Fortunately, the answer is yes. Read along to know how braces work and how do you choose an orthodontist who provides braces in chandler?

The Function of Dental Braces in Chandler

Dental braces are an orthodontic device that can help you position, straighten or align your teeth. Ideally, braces are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Dental braces are usually made up of stainless steel or special alloys. Post the installation, the teeth come under pressure created by dental braces. This pressure gradually moves the teeth, restoring the natural position.

Who Are Dental Braces Primarily Used For?

  1. Kids & Young Adults:
    Kids suffering from malocclusions may face a gradual jaw shift over time. And this jaw shift can hinder the eruption of adult teeth. However, with early orthodontic treatment in Chandler like braces, you can prevent this.Braces or spacers can help position and align the teeth perfectly. This will offer ample space for the new teeth to come up.
  2. Adults or Kids With Missing Teeth:
    Although braces in adults are not as common as kids, it’s still used. Sometimes, due to a missing tooth, other teeth can shift slowly. It can affect your bite, speech and can even cause bone loss. The solution to this problem is a dental implant treatment in Chandler especially if the tooth loss is recent.

However, if you lost your tooth a long time ago, the surrounding teeth might have already shifted. But with spacers and braces, you can restore your teeth back to position. Once your teeth are back where they should be, you can opt for dental implants.

In a nutshell, you can opt for braces in Chandler even if you are missing some teeth. It is suggested that you consider an expert like Dr. James Heaton at Smiles of Chandler. He’ll offer you unbiased advice in this case.

Who Is the Best Dentist in Chandler?

If you’re seeking the best dentist for braces treatment in Chandler you must visit Dr. James Heaton at Smiles of Chandler. Dr. James Heaton is an experienced professional with a history of treating his patients effectively. Dr. James Heaton can help you with cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, and a lot more. If you want to confirm whether you’re an ideal prospect for braces or not, give him a call now at (480) 899-9484 and schedule an appointment today.

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