Braces: A Solution Which Goes Beyond Just Straightening The Teeth

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Do braces just straighten your teeth? What are the types of braces in chandler? This question occupies many individuals. Many people still think that braces have only one purpose: straightening the teeth. However, this is not true. Braces bring along numerous other benefits as well. If you’re curious, read along.

What Are Dental Braces?

Braces are special devices, usually metallic, used in orthodontics. The basic purpose of dental braces is straightening and positioning a person’s teeth according to a persons bite. Apart from this, there are innumerable functions that braces can perform. Let’s find out more below.

5 Functions Braces in Chandler Can Perform Apart From Straightening the Teeth

The kind of braces that your orthodontist recommends depends on:

  1. Prevent Gum Diseases:
    Poor oral hygiene leads to bacteria which are bad for both your teeth and gums. When the braces straighten up the teeth, cleaning becomes easy. It helps maintain better oral hygiene and thus prevents bacteria from affecting teeth or/and gums.
  2. Prevent Tooth Decay:
    It’s a fact that cleaning teeth become hard with braces on. But after the treatment is complete, cleaning becomes a walk in the park. It’s because there are no more gaps, overcrowding, or misaligned teeth to obstruct cleaning. This, in turn, helps prevent tooth decay.
  3. Help With Speech Impediments:
    Certain words produce the correct sound only when the tongue presses perfectly against the teeth. However, if your teeth are misaligned, pronunciation of certain words can become difficult. This is where braces in Chandler show the magic. With braces, you can align your teeth correctly and cure speech impediments.
  4. Prevents Bone Erosion:
    Misaligned or overcrowded teeth often lead to bacterial growth. And this, in turn, erodes the gums and the jawbone. However, with braces, you can align your teeth and prevent this from happening.
  5. Helps With Digestion:
    Digestion becomes an easy process if the food is well chewed. If the teeth are not aligned properly, or there’s overcrowding, it can become a problem. However, with braces in Chandler, you can align your teeth in a way that the upper teeth meet the lower ones. It’ll ensure perfect chewing and will eventually help you digest food.

Who Is a Reliable Orthodontist in Chandler?

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