How To Pick The Right Dentist To Place Your Dental Implants?

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Everyone wants to look special with a beautiful smile. Many choose to get their dental implants done by the best dentist who is an expert in dental implants. If the dentist is good they will provide quality work and the results will be outstanding. In our previous blog, we have listed 7 tips to follow to prolong the life of your dental implants in Chandler. Read along on how to pick the appropriate dentist to place your dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace damaged teeth. They are otherwise called replacement teeth. The implants, which are tiny metal pieces, are fixed to the jaw and create a foundation to hold the artificial tooth. To give the tooth a natural look, a cap or crown with the same color is placed on the implant. Dental implants are a perfect choice to restore a broken smile.

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How to Choose the Right Dentist in Chandler for Dental Implants?

Keep these tips in mind and choose the right dental implant dentist.

  1. Research:
    Take up a little time to research online for the best dental implant clinic near your home.
  2. Experience:
    Make sure to track down the dentist in Chandler qualifications and experience by browsing through their clinic’s website.
  3. Ask Questions:
    Ask your dentist as many questions you want to ask. From before to after pictures of the patients to insurance checks and sedation levels, don’t hold back any doubts.
  4. Rely On Referrals:
    Check with friends, neighbors, and relatives for their suggestions and feedback on the dental clinics they are going to.
  5. Check The Services:
    Make sure your Dentist in Chandler performs the entire process related to implants and doesn’t outsource any part of it.

Do Orthodontists Do Implants?

Yes, an orthodontist in Chandler will work along with oral surgeons to provide dental implants services. They are a great option when it comes to dental implant procedures.

Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment in Chandler

Dental implants bring along many benefits. They offer an extremely high success rate and they last a very long time. Certain benefits are:

  1. They Look Natural:
    Dental implants look just like your natural teeth and most people do not notice.
  2. Improves Speech:
    Improper fitting of dentures makes the speech slur a little. Properly fitted dental implants allow one to talk clearly.
  3. Better Oral Health:
    Dental implants do not require any other reduction to be done like a tooth-supporting bridge. The teeth that are close by do not need any changes. Instead, dental implants will make the teeth more intact.
  4. Convenient and Comfortable:
    Dental implants are like natural teeth that stay in the mouth permanently and do not have to be removed.
  5. Better Your Ability to Eat:
    Dental implants make chewing and eating food easier.
  6. Improve Esteem:
    Better smiles make you more positive and confident. Thus it increases your self-love/esteem.


If you require the best dental implants in Chandler, consider Smiles of Chandler. Dr. James Heaton DDS, FAGD, Dr. Heath Snell and Dr. Gregg Woodward, DMD are highly skilled practitioners and have performed hundreds of dental implant surgeries with the latest technology and impeccable outcomes. If you want to consult the best dentist in Chandler AZ, visit Smiles of Chandler. Browse through our website or call us at (480) 899-9484 to gather more details regarding the services.

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