Your Ultimate Guide To Find A Reliable Dentist During The COVID-19

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Dentists all over the USA closed their clinics temporarily during the initial days of the COVID 19 pandemic. Since several dental procedures release sprays of blood and saliva they were under the scanner. These droplets could contain a high viral load increasing the chance of transmission of the virus. Hence the risk!

However, things have now stabilized and dental offices are reopening. Following the guidelines from the CDC and ADA regarding patient safety, the best dentist in Chandler AZ, is open for practice again. If your visit to the dentist cannot be delayed and the COVID 19 pandemic is stopping you from doing so, read on to get the information to keep your fears and doubts at bay.

What to look for in a dentist during COVID-19?

Your Dentist should follow Guidelines from CDC and ADA: CDC & ADA has released fresh guidelines, especially for safe handling of patients at dental offices. You can dial up your dentist and ask what procedures they follow at the office. If your dentist follows the guidelines of CDC and ADA, you can be assured. You can always come to the best dentist in Chandler AZ if you seek a safe dental treatment. They follow the above guidelines.

Your Dentist’s office and COVID-19 positive case: You need to ensure that you visit a dental clinic which has no history of COVID 19 cases. Make sure that none from the staff is COVID-19 positive. To cross verify this, you can ask for recent test reports. It will further save you from the risk of getting affected.

The Extra Precautions In Place: While clearing your doubts over the phone, enquire whether the dental clinic is following all the mandatory safety precautions in place for the pandemic. It ranges from wearing masks and gloves to using hand sanitizers. Make sure you know how they dispose of their medical waste as well.

The Basic Safety Procedures: Consult whether they strictly follow temperature checking, social distancing between patients and their seating arrangements. Make sure there is a screening procedure at your Dentist’s office if a patient shows symptoms. If you are satisfied then visit the dentist’s office.

The Best Dentist in Chandler, AZ?

All the best dentists in Chandler value patients safety. Smiles of Chandler abide by the CDC & ADA regulations. We deliver the most effective dental services despite the pandemic.

So, you can safely visit us during the COVID-19 and expect reliable dental treatment.

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