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If you have considered having your teeth replaced by dental implants an your concern is that it is a time-consuming process. We have good news for you. This can be done in a single appointment and you don’t ever have to go without your teeth. There is some planning that goes into the process for sure, this includes evaluating your models and a 3D scan of your mouth, but the procedure can be done in one day.

Fortunately, because of amazing advancements in our technology and approach, things have changed in the dental industry. Getting dental implants these days can be a speedy and efficient process. At our dental practice in Chandler AZ, we offer dental implants as well as “all-on-four” (sometimes called Teeth In A Day) procedure to help you get your teeth replaced in just one visit to the office. Now imagine the amount of time you will save by accomplishing the treatment in just a single trip to our dental office in Chandler AZ. This truly is an amazing procedure to help restore you to oral health in a single visit. Dr. Heaton has traveled extensively to stay on top of the latest technology and procedural techniques. He recently completed additional training through the California Implant Institute and the Midwest Implant Institute to further his knowledge and expertise.

Teeth in a day – Is it safe?

A new smile in just one day – isn’t it out of the ordinary to hear. But it is true and more importantly, it is safe and effective. Teeth-in-a day is performed all over the world and has a success rate of 98 percent. At Smiles of Chandler, we are passionate about what we do and we can get you feeling good about your smile with very little discomfort.

Am I a candidate for teeth in a day?

The only way to find out is to schedule an appointment with us so we can evaluate your mouth and oral conditions. This appointment will include a 3D CT scan of your mouth so we can see everything we need to see radiographically. It will also include impressions, pictures and a full exam from the Dr. This appointment usually takes about an hour. There is no cost for this appointment, here at Smiles of Chandler consultations are free.

After the initial consultation, we will book your appointment on a day that is convenient to your busy schedule. We have good news that we work for extended hours to make the process convenient for you.

If you currently have a damaged tooth, lost or missing a teeth or need a denture and you are looking for the best teeth replacement options we can help with a free consultation.

Call us today for more information on our teeth in a day option. We accept most insurance plans!

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