Minimal Prep Veneers – A Minimally Invasive Treatment To Boost Your Smile

Minimal Prep Veneers - A Minimally Invasive Treatment To Boost Your Smile | Smiles Of Chandler in Chandler, AZ

Anyone who is seeking to improve their smile in a minimally invasive way, minimal prep veneers may be the best cosmetic option. Minimal prep veneers are a better alternative to cosmetic bonding or traditional porcelain veneers. However, not all are candidates for minimal prep veneers, to determine if you are a candidate for minimal prep veneers talk to our cosmetic dentist in Chandler AZ at (480) 899-9484.

What are minimal prep veneers?

Traditional veneers are bonded to the front surface of the teeth, and before bonding the front teeth are prepared by reducing the tooth structure. However, unlike traditional porcelain veneers, minimal prep veneers do not require a large amount of tooth structure to be removed. In some cases, the veneers can be placed without any preparation or reduction of tooth structure, while most cases require only minimal reduction of tooth structure.

Because minimal prep veneers do not remove large amounts of tooth structure, they are usually bonded directly to the enamel of your tooth which will provide much better strength and longevity to your veneers.

Minimal prep veneers or no-prep veneers can address a number of cosmetic dental needs for adults and adolescents which include:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Slightly discolored teeth
  • Space or gaps between the teeth
  • Slightly misaligned or misshapen teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Worn teeth

Minimal prep veneers can preserve the natural tooth structure, reduces patient pain, produce outstanding results and saves on the amount of time you actually spend in the chair. They are ideal solutions for a number of restoration needs. Like to know more information about minimal prep veneers, schedule an appointment with us. Don’t worry even if you are not a candidate for minimal prep veneers, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Heaton, can help you with other cosmetic options to enhance your smile.

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