How Do Braces Act To Correct A Smile?

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Getting braces is a great way to fix your smile. Whether you’re suffering from a misaligned tooth or a crooked tooth, you can correct it using braces. Here, you’ll find brief information on what braces are and how you can improve your smile with the same.

What Are Braces?

Dental braces are special devices used in orthodontic treatment. The common reasons behind using braces are correcting bad bites or malocclusions. Most dental braces are made from wires, ceramic materials, and bonding materials that help them attach to your teeth.

What Are Different Types of Braces?

The kind of braces that your orthodontist recommends depends on:

  1. Your age.
  2. If you have a crooked tooth or an overbite.

Some orthodontist in Chandler, use classic braces as well. Such braces are made from metal brackets and these brackets are individually glued on to each tooth. There’s an archwire that runs through each bracket. This archwire puts pressure on the jawline and teeth, resulting in the slow movement of the tooth.

Here Are Some Common Types of Braces

Our orthodontist offers different types of braces in chandler that are geared to adjust the alignment issue of one’s teeth and bite. Some common types of dental braces are:

  1. Lingual braces: Such braces are placed behind your teeth.
  2. Aligner trays or invisible braces: You can remove and put them on anytime you like.
  3. Ceramic braces: These braces are also known as clear braces.

Braces: How Do They Function?

Braces correct the positioning of your teeth by putting constant pressure at regular intervals. After some time, your jaw adapts to this pressure and changes the shape as desired. This is how the jaw moves. What about the teeth?

Most people think that teeth are directly connected to the jaw. But in reality, there’s a membrane under your gums that connects your teeth to the jaw and this is what responds to the pressure imposed by the braces.

When the dentist applies the braces, it exerts pressure. This compulsive pressure shifts the jaw and the teeth to move them to the ideal position. That is how braces correct a smile.

Braces in Chandler

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