Gingival Recontouring

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The healthy teeth alone can’t produce the perfect smile on your face, there needs to be perfect and healthy gums to match with your white teeth, if you have a gummy smile that makes you feel not as comfortable, there is an easy method that can significantly enhance the look of your gummy smile and help you build self-confidence. Gum contouring is an easy process to improve the beauty of your smile and it’s an easy treatment that can be completed in a single visit to our office. We check the gum tissues that are causing the problem and then use a small laser to eliminate them. This is a treatment method that addresses the uneven or bulky gum tissues which can give a more symmetrical or beautiful gum line that can look a lot more natural.

Gingival Recontouring Procedure

There are many ways with the gummy smile, and the lasers that we use are excellent and we’re able to painlessly form the tooth, with the laser we can very easily and efficiently reshape the gum to make it look nice and natural. There is no involvement of needle in this treatment and we’ll use a local anesthetic to numb your mouth before we start.

We’ll use the laser cauterize or eliminate the excess gum tissue, and sculpt a new gum line for you that matches your tooth appearance and lip position best. This is a really simple technique to make you feel more happy with your smile and dramatically build your self-confidence. The procedure doesn’t harm you when you use the laser and it heals in less than a day. It heals that fast, and pain-free.

Gum Contouring for your Beautiful Smile

By remodeling the shape of the gum lines, the teeth can look much more complete and equal in length. The gum lines look level and the smile can look more natural and beautiful. We usually suggest gum recontouring in combination with other procedures to improve results. So if you feel you can achieve your smiles from this procedure or if you’re concerned about your smile, come talk to our dentist Dr. James Heaton, he can determine whether Gingival Contouring is a good option for you.

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