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Digital Smile Design in Chandler AZ | Smiles Of Chandler in Chandler, AZ

In modern dentistry practice, recent digital technologies are being used. Virtual smile design, which is one of those new technologies. The digital smile design offers a possibility to present a smile even before the treatment begins. The digital smile design is a practical virtual tool supporting dental aesthetics treatment, it is complex software for dental clinics and practices. Placing prepared photographs, case studies, before and after images and video scans and then the doctor creates a visual project of prospective dentition.

To carry out the project it is mandatory to collect the base data including scans, photos, and videos of the patient’s face smile and dentition. Our next step is the virtual smile project, previously gathered data is a base set to do, so the project is being performed by popular software like Smile Virtual. Finished Digital Smile Design project is two dimensional 2D, it is being sent via the internet to the laboratory for next processing, the final result is a three-dimensional project showing of patient smile, during the next appointment dentist applies the project into the patient’s mouth, in this step, teeth aligners are being placed it is so-called mock-up, then a short photo session takes place to present the design smile.

During the consultations, the patient approves the proposed treatment results. The key aim of the digital smile design concept is to use images as the universal data carrier, this is why the presented project is friendly and understandable, especially for the patient. Such a system is an excellent visual clinic guide and support for the medical crew on each of the Dentistry treatment steps. The data collection process, aesthetic analyze, and treatment planning is vitally organized, it improves the work and reduces the fault probability.

Virtual Smiles Design is the communication, with this method it is possible to create a treatment plan that complies patients individual features and exhibits medical possibilities and limitations. Applying the Digital Smile Design in everyday practice guarantees achievement of predictable and satisfying results and gives comfort and safety to the patients and team of specialists.

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