Dental Implants: A Restoration To Enhance Your Smile

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Dental Implants: The Next Big Thing to Natural and Healthy Teeth

There is a common misconception that dental implants are a scary and unpopular choice among patients, but the fact is that more and more patients are choosing dental implants to improve their smile or to replace missing teeth. The technology involved in placing dental implants has evolved and made dental implants more accessible and affordable for the average person.

Nobody likes their missing tooth or missing teeth. It is uncomfortable, it makes eating difficult, it can make you self-conscious about your smile and so on. If you have been looking for a tooth replacement option for you or your family members, you should know that dental implants are considered to be a rather painless procedure. Dental implants are a permanent solution which is stable and strong, restores a missing tooth so that it looks, fits and functions just like a natural tooth.

Dental Implants are More Predictable

Dental implants restorations have a proven track record of reliability, predictability and have a long-term successful outcome compared to other restoration methods such as dental bridges, root canal and removable appliances.

Missing teeth can create indents in your lips and cheeks and make you look older then you actually are. Dental implant can help you maintain your smile and natural shape of your face. At Smile of Chandler, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a million dollar smile! Call us at 480-899-9484 for a consultation. Financing options available.

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