Will My Orthodontist Let Me Get Braces If I Have Cavities?

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Many people have imperfect smiles. Consulting an orthodontist will help dispel many myths on braces and cavities. In our previous blog, we have explained about 4 materials used to manufacture braces in Chandler. Read on to discover the right information regarding the usage of braces despite having cavities below. Fortunately, trained professionals, such as Dr. James Heaton DDS at Smiles of Chandler, are ready to answer these queries to clear the air.

Cavities and the Right Treatment for Braces in Chandler

Having cavities in the mouth won’t interfere with an individual’s choice for braces in Chandler. But leaving the cavities unattended or untreated will give them enough time to transform into complicated issues.

When a cavity is identified, the ideal reaction is to fill it instantly. If you require braces, the fillings will not make an individual ineligible to get them. Filling the cavities will help in maintaining the health of the teeth while you affix braces.

Difficulty in Filling a Cavity

If an individual has already started Invisalign, then filling cavities is not difficult. However, filling cavities for someone who picked out traditional braces is more difficult.

Choices Regarding Braces in Chandler

There are zero restrictions regarding choices for braces. All types of braces have their own disadvantages and perks. The most common choice is traditional braces in Chandler. Ceramic braces mingle effortlessly with natural teeth. In lingual braces, the inside of the teeth holds the brackets. Invisalign relies on the gradual transfer of teeth enabled by new liners in two weeks. The trays that accompany the Invisalign are removable making cleaning an undemanding affair.


Fillings perform the job of keeping out bacteria and bonding. But fillings are susceptible to leakage. In case of a leakage, then food particles, as well as bacteria, can get underneath the filling. Opting for fillings doesn’t make the care of braces more difficult. Due to the scare of impairing the fillings, individuals with fillings will be meticulous regarding the care of their braces.


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