Dental Implants And Braces: Can They Function Together?

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Among all orthodontic treatments dealing with tooth replacement, dental implants are the most effective right now. When it comes to various tooth alignment issues, braces can also be a very good option. In our previous blog, we have explained cavities and the right treatment for braces in Chandler. However, orthodontic procedures have a comprehensive list of benefits. Dental implants and orthodontic braces can enhance self-esteem, appearance and speech of an individual. It can provide a sense of comfort, and can generate good oral and gut health and create convenience.

The Need to Practice Caution

Individuals who are interested in dental implants in Chandler, but also have urgent orthodontic treatment needs must look out for potential issues before opting for the procedure. Depending upon the situation, if the patient is in denial whether to have Invisalign over dental implants, then they must pause to look at the compatibility of the treatment.

Braces and Dental Implants in Chandler

Dental implants are permanent. It demands a titanium plate to be infused into the jawbone. The titanium plate restores the missing structure of the tooth. Later a crown gets attached to the titanium plate to restore the outward form of the natural teeth. As natural teeth are connected to the jawbone with the periodontal ligament, they respond to mild pressure.

Consider Braces First and Then Obtain Dental Implants

Due to the firm nature of the materials used, braces in Chandler do not work on dental implants. Natural teeth also don’t follow the usual rules and tend to move forward. The area around the implant can get congested. Other dental complications such as plaque, gum diseases etc can get triggered. It is advisable that most patients consider braces first and then obtain implants. Dental implants are permanent. But the teeth all around the implant can be adjusted in various ways.

When Can One Opt for Dental Implants in Chandler?

If someone has more than one dental implant, in most unexpected scenarios, the planning for a fruitful treatment outcome is very high. Though if the number of natural teeth and implants are overcrowded, then the implant may not be a good option.

Guidance from an Orthodontist in Chandler for Complex Procedures

In some cases, like an anchor point, dental implants generate the required force. In case of unexpected scenarios, the orthodontist in Chandler can first carefully remove the implant and realign the teeth. Then the orthodontist can restore the implant to complete the procedure.


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