Eight Dental Issues Which Can Be Corrected By Invisalign

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Invisalign is a very common treatment used in straightening teeth with invisible aligners. These aligners are far better and more comfortable compared to traditional braces.

There are numerous benefits associated with choosing Invisalign from a professional dentist in Chandler. This technique usually considers the software known as clip check for mapping out the path. In other words, you will get a completely customized treatment plan. In our previous blog, we have explained 3 reasons why Invisalign requires different lengths of time. Read on to discover certain dental issues which can be corrected by Invisalign from below:

8 Dental Issues That Can Be Corrected By Invisalign in Chandler Invisalign in Chandler AZ

Gap Teeth:
There are chances that food can be stuck between gapped teeth which lead to soreness. Invisalign can lessen the space between the teeth thereby eliminating gaps.

Crowded Teeth:
There are chances of no space in teeth, leading to overlap or twisty teeth. This structure can lead to various problems. That includes plaque, tooth decay etc. The dentists who utilizes Invisalign will provide accurate treatment, too, for this situation.

In the case of an overbite, there is less difference between the teeth of the upper front and lower front. Prominent overbite can lead to several problems like pain in your Jaw. With the guidance of an orthodontist in Chandler you can opt for Invisalign to resolve the overbite problem.

Baby and Permanent Teeth:
You may observe the difference in a smile as an adult or as a child. You can start orthodontic treatment when your children turn six. It will ensure that they will have a great smile. The main motto of this treatment is to ensure space for adult teeth.

Generally Straighter Teeth:
If you want to enhance your smile, you can opt for Invisalign. It does not matter if your dental health is excellent, you can still qualify for this treatment.

Open Bite:
When the top and bottom teeth are unable to be in conjunction, the situation is known as “open bite”. Due to the problem of open bites, an individual can face problems in eating some common food. You can get Invisalign in Chandler for overcoming an open bite.

Cross Bite:
In a crossbite situation, the upper and lower teeth do not meet properly. This problem can lead to gum issues which can be painful. Invisalign helps resolve this problem by fixing your teeth in the right position.

Misaligned Teeth:
You cannot deny the fact that misaligned teeth are uncomfortable. You may also face problems in eating food. There are various reasons behind this problem. If the jaw of a kid is too small, this problem will occur. Invisalign is an excellent solution to this problem, and it adds pressure on erupted teeth and fixes them.

Who Is the Best Dentist in Chandler?

These are dental problems that can be fixed with Invisalign. You can visit our dentist in Chandler, Dr. James Heaton at Smiles of Chandler to get accurate guidance and treatment for different kinds of dental problems including Invisalign. Browse through our website of Smiles of Chandler to discover more information about Dr. James Heaton. Call us at (480) 771-9484 to have a conversation with the representatives of Smiles of Chandler right away.

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