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Healthy teeth and a great smile can make anyone feel confident, Dr. James Heaton specializes in cosmetic dentistry and he’ll help you make the best choices for your smile. With modern technology, dentists have long done what they couldn’t do in the past. Now dentist can respond to patients’ wants and desire before even stepping into a dental practice. Obviously, people are very interested in their appearance, the face and your smile is one of the highest utilized aesthetic practices in the country so dentistry fits into that. So people are very interested in aesthetics and the whole concept of cosmetics.

Advanced Technology in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentist’s are now getting powerful new digital technologies to help with cosmetic procedures. We’re always looking for the next big thing on how can we make things better for our patients. In today’s field of dentistry, patients do not have to worry about painful procedures anymore. When patients come in and they have concerns about having painful experiences in the past, we truly believe that they don’t have to experience that in our office. Technology surely improves our patient’s experience’s here at our office.

Few things to consider when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in 2019.

First is, the experience and the expertise of the practice and the dentist that’s actually doing the treatment, it’s very important for you to see cases that date back at least 10 plus years. If the case or cases are the same as yours you will actually then see what the results will actually look like.

The second thing is, using dental technologies such as our virtual smile consultation, if there is a dental concerns that may be impacting your aesthetic look, it’s all done online. You will take pictures of your teeth at home and then submit those pictures to us. Dr. James Heaton will take a look at those pictures and will give you honest feedback, if you are a candidate for cosmetic treatment.

The third thing is, the trial smile is a very important step and we can’t emphasize this enough, you want to be able to trial run the new smile before the final portion is made. It means that you can then give feedback, do you like the new position of the teeth, do you like the color, do you like the shape of the teeth, a lot of the times you can see the end result with models that maybe in the office, but it’s not until it’s placed in your mouth and you’re smiling with your smile that you can actually be a hundred percent sure that the final porcelain is going to be correct. So that is why we recommend using the Virtual Smile Consultation here at Smiles of Chandler in Chandler, AZ to eliminate any chances of error. To Book your consult today please click on the link below

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